• State Officer May Meeting Recap

    The newly elected Oregon FCCLA State Officer Team attended their first leadership training to plan another exciting year, which took place May 8-10 at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Portland. Not only did they enhance their leadership skills, they were also able to interact with state officers from other Career and Technology Student Organizations including FBLA, HOSA, and Skills USA.  


    During their meeting the officers did various activities that helped them gain knowledge on how to further their leadership abilities. A central part of the meeting was setting goals and developing their Program of Work for the upcoming year. This year the State Officer Team is challenging themselves to increase chapters across the state and increase membership as a whole! Be watching for more information about exciting new things coming, such as a new membership campaign and the reveal of the state theme for the year.


    The officers plan to go above and beyond this year to help continue to improve Oregon FCCLA, but they can’t do it alone. Throughout the year, the state officers hope that members will get involved and participate.


    The State Officer Team is thrilled for their opportunity to lead the members of Oregon FCCLA through the “Ultimate Leader Experience” of 2014-2015!



  • Scholarship Opportunity for FCCLA Members

    Are you interested in pursuing a career in Culinary Arts? If so, have you considered attending The Culinary Institute of America?

    The Culinary Institute of America is offering a $2,000 National Student Organization Scholarship to members of FCCLA, SkillsUSA or ProStart. To apply for the scholarship you must complete and submit your application by April 1st 2014. The scholarship is available to students wanting to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts at one of their three campuses in either Hyde Park, NY, St. Helena, CA or San Antonio, TX. The scholarship process includes an essay of at least 500 words over one of the two options listed on their website. The top 45 essays will be selected to receive the scholarship.

    This is a great opportunity for any member interested in a Culinary Arts degree to apply for. The scholarship can help tremendously to help pay to further your education.

    For more information on the scholarship visit:http://www2.ciachef.edu/pdf/fa_nsoscholarship.pdf

    For more information on The Culinary Institute of America visit:


  • CTE Superhero - Mrs. Susie Cobb

    My CTE superhero is my chapter adviser Mrs. Susie Cobb.  Mrs. Cobb has motivates me to become a better person everyday. Another reason Mrs. Cobb is my superhero is because, she has helped me with my role as a State and Chapter officer and has encouraged me and has given me trust. Thanks to all her help, I have been successful during my term as a State Officer for Oregon FCCLA.


    Check out this video on how to make a tasteful and simple smoothie from Mrs. Cobb herself.



    Jocey Franco

    2013-2014 VP of Membership

  • CTE Superhero - Brittani Parker

    Brittani Parker is not only my State Officer Coach and State Director, but my superhero too. Brittani is a positive role model in my life as she is a strong, smart, fun, and career oriented young woman. She devotes her time to helping youth, and supporting leadership growth from within. She has taught me some important life, leadership and business skills that I know will benefit my future endeavors. I am thankful for such a great, passionate, and hard working coach and hero


    Jisselle Garcia

    2013-2014 State Secretary

  • CTE Superhero - Marla Dotson

    My CTE superhero is a beautiful woman disguised as an ordinary teacher, but she is so much more than that! This woman is dedicated, caring, kindhearted, organized,  a great leader, and a true idol. She has always been there for me or anyone I know for that matter and it has been an outstanding pleasure to work with her throughout the years, in and out of school.  I am so privileged to have such a great teacher/adviser/friend. Thank you for everything Ms. Marla Dotson!


    Destiny Remuth

    2013-2014 VP of Development

  • CTE Superhero - Edna P. Amidon

    My Career and Technical Education superhero is Edna P. Amidon. Edna was the founder of Future Homemakers of America (FHA). Without her influence and drive to create a organization that focuses on the family I would not be the leader I am today. If I had the opportunity to have lunch with Ms.Amidon, I would ask her what was her vision for FHA, and compare with the present FCCLA. Most importantly I would want to thank her for her hard work and dedication to Family Consumer Science Education. Edna did so much and she should truly is a top superhero for Career and Technical Education Month!


    Joey Vanek

    2013-2014 State President

  • Oregon CTSO Proclamation

    February is Career and Technical Education Month! Oregon FCCLA is proud to announce that Governor John. A. Kitzhaber, M.D. has created a Proclamation for Oregon Career and Technical Student Organizations to commemorate the value of student organizations like FCCLA - The Ultimate Leadership Experience.

    Join us in celebrating Career and Technical Education Month! Spread the word about the value of CTE in your community.

    Click here to view the proclamation from Governor John A. Kitzhaber 2014 Oregon CTE Proclamation

  • Enterprise FCCLA "Light It Up Blue Week"

    One of FCCLA’s Educational Outreach Partners is Autism Speaks, which is a non-profit that works to fund research into the prevention, treatments and cure for autism. The organizations goal is to increase people’s awareness of autism spectrum disorders and advocate for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Oregon FCCLA State Vice-President of Public Relations, Katelyn Curtis and a fellow chapter member organized a “Light It Up Blue Week” for their junior high to promote Autism Speaks and autism awareness. Here is Katelyn’s recap of what they did throughout the week at Enterprise Junior High.

    Learning at the 2013 National Conference that FCCLA had partnered with Autism Speaks, I decided that I wanted to do a project that helped increase my fellow peers awareness of autism spectrum disorder. This project was very personal to me, because I have a relative that is diagnosed with autism, and I not only wanted to further educate myself about autism, but also my peers. My partner and I decided to call our project “Light It Up Blue Week”. Throughout the week the Enterprise Junior High student participated in games, activities, and competition. We also put up fats about autism spectrum disorder each day for students to see.


    ·      On Monday, we gave a brief introduction to what we would be doing for the rest of the week, handed out Autism Speaks wristbands and gave students a challenge to wear them all week. If they wore their wristbands all week they would receive a prize.


    ·      Tuesday, we played a game called "how many are in the jar?". We filled a mason jar and full it with blue and white m&ms and put the jar in a junior high classroom with a bucket where they could write their name and their guess. At the end of the week we selected a winner who was closest to the actual amount. We choose blue and white m&ms, because they are the colors that represent Autism Speaks.


    ·      Wednesday, we did a scavenger hunt for blue puzzle pieces, which represented Autism Speaks logo. To get the students really interested in the scavenger hunt we made it a competition between the seventh and eighth grade. Throughout the day they looked for puzzle pieces and by the end of the day, whichever class has the most pieces won a “Snack Certificate” to the FACS Room.


    ·      On Thursday, we held a large assembly and a contest to see who could wear the most blue! During the assembly we talked with them about autism spectrum disorder, and what Autism Speaks does to help individuals and families with autism. We will also played a short sound track of what it would be like to have autism. This helped give students who do not have autism a better understanding of what it might be like to have autism. 


    The Enterprise School District has a number students that have autism. With starting this project we wanted to make sure we were careful and presented the information in a way that would help other understand autism better and be educated on it. We believe that our “Light It Up Blue Week” was very successful in finding interactive and fun ways to help promote autism awareness.


    For more information on Autism Speaks, you can visit www.autismspeaks.org

  • Running for State Office

    Do you have a passion for FCCLA? Are you looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? Do you want to make a difference in Oregon FCCLA? If the answer is YES! to these questions, then you should consider running for a Oregon FCCLA State Office.

    As an officer you have numerous responsibilities such as creating and implementing a program of work for Oregon FCCLA, attending different state and national conferences to make decisions that help continue to lead Oregon FCCLA “Towards New Horizons” and gain leadership skills.

    If you’re interested in running for State Office there is a simple process that you will need to follow in order to be considered a candidate. First, download and complete the Oregon FCCLA State Officer Candidate application. The application can be found at www.oregonfccla.org under the State Officers tab, and selecting the State Officer Candidate section. All applications are due on March 1st, 2014.  Be sure and pay close attention to all of the information in the State Officer Candidate application packet to make sure you complete all the required documents. During the 2014 State Leadership Conference your journey to becoming an Oregon FCCLA State Officer will continue. During SLC, you will attend a State Officer Candidate Orientation, meet with Voting Delegates, prepare and present a three (3) minute speech during the Opening Session and answer two (2) impromptu questions.

    Serving as a State Officer is a great experience and honor. Members all across the state of Oregon look up to you. If you have any questions about the process, talk with your chapter adviser or contact Brittani Parker, State Director brittani@oregonfccla.org.

  • 2013 Capitol Leadership Review

    Hello Oregon FCCLA,

    I recently had the great privilege to attend the 2013 FCCLA Capitol Leadership.

    Not only was the conference a huge success, but it was also one of the largest Capitol Leaderships in recent years.

    While attending the conference I was able to network with other leaders from all over the nation, volunteer at the Arlington Street People Assistance Network, and take part in trainings that helped me become ready to advocate for FCCLA to my representatives and their staff.

    During my time in Virginia and Washington, D.C., I experienced the first day of the government shutdown. This made our experience more interesting.  Because of the shutdown, I didn’t get a “normal” visit to D.C. I was able to see how fast our government can change, and even witnessed citizens exercising their freedom of speech by protesting around Capitol Hill. I was also able to go into the Senate gallery and watch Senators speak on the government shutdown. This allowed me to see how our nation leaders decide on issues that affect their constituents.

    All in all it was a trip that I would never want to take back. It’s my personal opinion to suggest that you attend next years Capitol Leadership, October 12th-15th, 2014.

    Joey Vanek

    State President

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