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  • OLI 2014 Review

    The Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) was held on November 2-3 2014 in Bend, Oregon. This two day conference allowed FCCLA, FBLA, Skills USA, HOSA and DECA members from across the state of Oregon to network, attend workshops and learn more about their Career and Technical Student Organizations.

    FCCLA members had the opportunity to come together twice to receive different updates and information on projects relating to Oregon FCCLA.  “Rounding the Bases with FCCLA” workshop covered information such as FCCLA at the Table, Mission Addition, and information about FCCLA’s national programs and Share Our Strength.

    The State Officer Team encourages everyone to take the pledge to prepare a meal for your family with FCCLA at the Table. To find more information about FCCLA at the Table you can visit http://www.fcclainc.org/content/fccla-at-the-table/.

    Mission Addition is this year’s new membership campaign to encourage chapters to increase our membership to over 220 members. There are three levels to this year’s campaign. The first level is to increase your chapter’s membership by one new member. All chapters that reach this goal will be recognized at SLC. To complete level two, chapters are challenged to increase chapter membership by 12 new members. If a chapter completes level two, they will be recognized at SLC and receive a complimentary SLC registration.  The top-level award will be given to the chapter with the largest percentage of increase. The chapter that has the largest percentage of increase will receive a popsicle party and reserved seating.

    The final area that the State Officer Team covered was national programs and Share Our Strength. During this portion of the workshop, members learned that Oregon FCCLA is focusing on the Student Body national program. To continue on last year’s efforts, members will raise money for FCCLA’s National Outreach Project, Share Our Strength. State President, Raymond Seal, challenged each chapter to raise at least $1 per chapter member.

    During the rest of the conference members attending various workshops, took part in an interactive opening session, etiquette dinner and heard from our closing keynote speaker, Kent Butler. FCCLA members also had the opportunity to compete in Creed Speaking and Impromptu Speaking. Every participant in the two events did an outstanding job representing Oregon FCCLA and are to be commended for their participation.

    We hope everyone that attended OLI had a great experience and were able to find ways to grow as a leader and become more involved in FCCLA. We can’t wait until the State Leadership Conference, which, will be held April 15th through 18th in Portland.

  • Fundraising Ideas

    The Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) is right around the corner! This year OLI will be held in Bend, Oregon, November 1st through 3rd. This conference will be an unforgettable experience for all student leaders looking to broaden their leadership skills! Of course, raising money to attend can be difficult sometimes, so here are some creative ideas for your chapter to try.

    • Go around your neighborhood or ask family and friends for bottles and cans to recycle at local stores. This is an easy fundraiser where you don’t have to worry about asking people to buy anything or donate money.


    • Start a pajama or hat day at school! Have students pay a dollar and receive a sticker that allows them to wear their pajamas or favorite hat to school! Make sure to ask your school administrators for permission first.


    • Play an annoying song that no one likes to hear, for example “Friday,” over the intercom between classes. To turn the music off the student body must raise a certain amount of money or it will be played throughout the day.


    • Create October treat bags and have students purchase them for friends! You can create different bags with different prices based on what is inside them. Set up a table in your school cafeteria and give students a week to purchase the treat bags. At the end of the week, you can go around the school and hand out the secret treats. Make sure you set a good time to sell and distribute your bags with your school administrators.


    • Go around your neighborhood and ask if anyone needs yard work to be done. Not only will you be earning money, but helping people as well!



    While Fundraising, make sure to tell the people what you are raising money for. By giving them a clear understanding, they are more likely to purchase or donate to your cause. Always ask permission first before selling anything or setting up events. Most importantly have fun and get excited for OLI! These fundraisers can be also used throughout the year to raise money for other chapter projects and trips.


    Happy Fundraising!


  • OLI 2014 Preview

    Are you looking for a way to become more involved in FCCLA? Do you want to improve your leadership skills and network with other student leaders from across the state? If so, then we have an event you don’t want to miss. From November 1 through 3, we challenge you to complete Mission OLI! Along with four other Career and Technical Student Organizations, your Oregon FCCLA State Officer Team will be hosting the 2014 Oregon Leadership Institute in Bend, Oregon. Be prepared to attend workshops, hear from a keynote speaker, meet new people from across the state, and expand your leadership skills.

    During the FCCLA members-only session, we will be covering many projects that Oregon FCCLA will be focusing on this year, such as ways to incorporate the National Program, Student Body, and National FCCLA’s new campaign, FCCLA At the Table. We will also be introducing our new membership campaign: Mission Addition, where we want you to become agents for Oregon FCCLA to recruit new members.

    Be sure and talk to your adviser on how you can attend this incredible leadership conference. We hope you can join us in Bend, Oregon for the 2014 Oregon Leadership Institute, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

  • NLC 2014: What to Expect

    We know that everyone has been hard at work fundraising and we can’t wait to see you in San Antonio at the National Leadership Conference where we will learn to SOAR!

     We hope that you are excited to visit an awesome city, compete in STAR Events, gain new leadership skills, and last but not least have a great time! You may be all pumped up for this once in a lifetime chance, but what might you be diving into?

    To ensure you have the best possible experience, we wanted to make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Here is the weather forecast and some items to remember to bring. The forecast calls for high 90’s and some clouds all the way through the 9th. Then on the 10th there is the chance for some thunderstorms. Overall your trip should be relatively nice. With this hot weather remember sunscreen. Also, Texas is known to be humid, we also suggest you keep water with you to stay hydrated. Those are just some of the less mandatory items to bring, but they will make your trip more pleasant.

    The more essential items to bring, include plenty of dress clothes, money for food and tips, and of course all your materials for your presentation.  To make sure you stay within the guidelines of the conference dress code visit http://www.fcclainc.org/content/meetings/ to find what is required. Throughout the conference, it is also important to know when and where you need to be. To ensure that you are always on time here is a link to the NLC schedule.  Remember to always be on leader time and be early to each event. It is better to be early and have to wait then to show up late and miss out on something. Two events that you don’t want to miss are the Oregon delegation state meetings and picture. The first state meeting is Monday, July 7th at 8:30 p.m. in the Marriott Rivercenter and the second one is on Tuesday, July 8th at 5:00 p.m in the Convention Center. The state picture will be Sunday, July 6th at 5:40 p.m. Be sure to always reference your conference program to find out when and where different meetings and events are taking place.

    Before you leave for your trip, double check and triple check everything to ensure that you forget nothing. The State Officer Team wishes you the best of luck at NLC! We look forward to meeting each of you throughout the week!

  • NLC Fundraising Ideas

    FCCLA’s National Leadership Conference is just around the corner, and we could all use some extra spending money for San Antonio. Here are some simple but, great fundraising ideas to help you prepare for your trip to Texas.Can Drive: So many people have leftover aluminum cans and glass bottles lying around, and many of them are willing to donate to your cause. Once you collect a good amount,  spend a couple hours recycling them at a local grocery store or recycling center. Also, you are helping the environment by recycling.

    Bake Sale: Who doesn’t love a good cupcake or chocolate chip cookie?  Bake up some of your favorites treats and sell them during a community event or in front of  a local business.

    Car Wash: It’s getting warmer outside, and this popular idea can help you raise quite a bit of money. Just get a few people from your chapter together, add some soap, water, sponges, towels and you’re set!

    Pancake Feed: Many restaurants, will allow you to host pancake feeds in their restaurants. See if there are any locations around you or host one at your school. If a pancake feed doesn’t work out, see if the restaurant will sponsor “FCCLA Night” where anyone that comes in and mentions FCCLA, 10% of the bill will go to your chapter.

    Yard Work: All you have to do is go around your neighborhood and see if anyone would like you to do yard work or any other job for them. It’s fairly easy, and a great way to earn some extra cash.

    Babysitting: Have any family members or friends with young kids? Offer to babysit for them one night while they go out.

    Hopefully, these ideas can help you in raising money for your trip to NLC this summer. If you have another great idea, be sure and let us know by telling us on Facebook or twitter @oregonfccla.

  • State Officer May Meeting Recap

    The newly elected Oregon FCCLA State Officer Team attended their first leadership training to plan another exciting year, which took place May 8-10 at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Portland. Not only did they enhance their leadership skills, they were also able to interact with state officers from other Career and Technology Student Organizations including FBLA, HOSA, and Skills USA.  


    During their meeting the officers did various activities that helped them gain knowledge on how to further their leadership abilities. A central part of the meeting was setting goals and developing their Program of Work for the upcoming year. This year the State Officer Team is challenging themselves to increase chapters across the state and increase membership as a whole! Be watching for more information about exciting new things coming, such as a new membership campaign and the reveal of the state theme for the year.


    The officers plan to go above and beyond this year to help continue to improve Oregon FCCLA, but they can’t do it alone. Throughout the year, the state officers hope that members will get involved and participate.


    The State Officer Team is thrilled for their opportunity to lead the members of Oregon FCCLA through the “Ultimate Leader Experience” of 2014-2015!



  • Running for State Office

    Do you have a passion for FCCLA? Are you looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? Do you want to make a difference in Oregon FCCLA? If the answer is YES! to these questions, then you should consider running for a Oregon FCCLA State Office.

    As an officer you have numerous responsibilities such as creating and implementing a program of work for Oregon FCCLA, attending different state and national conferences to make decisions that help continue to lead Oregon FCCLA “Towards New Horizons” and gain leadership skills.

    If you’re interested in running for State Office there is a simple process that you will need to follow in order to be considered a candidate. First, download and complete the Oregon FCCLA State Officer Candidate application. The application can be found at www.oregonfccla.org under the State Officers tab, and selecting the State Officer Candidate section. All applications are due on March 1st, 2014.  Be sure and pay close attention to all of the information in the State Officer Candidate application packet to make sure you complete all the required documents. During the 2014 State Leadership Conference your journey to becoming an Oregon FCCLA State Officer will continue. During SLC, you will attend a State Officer Candidate Orientation, meet with Voting Delegates, prepare and present a three (3) minute speech during the Opening Session and answer two (2) impromptu questions.

    Serving as a State Officer is a great experience and honor. Members all across the state of Oregon look up to you. If you have any questions about the process, talk with your chapter adviser or contact Brittani Parker, State Director [email protected].

  • 2013 Capitol Leadership Review

    Hello Oregon FCCLA,

    I recently had the great privilege to attend the 2013 FCCLA Capitol Leadership.

    Not only was the conference a huge success, but it was also one of the largest Capitol Leaderships in recent years.

    While attending the conference I was able to network with other leaders from all over the nation, volunteer at the Arlington Street People Assistance Network, and take part in trainings that helped me become ready to advocate for FCCLA to my representatives and their staff.

    During my time in Virginia and Washington, D.C., I experienced the first day of the government shutdown. This made our experience more interesting.  Because of the shutdown, I didn’t get a “normal” visit to D.C. I was able to see how fast our government can change, and even witnessed citizens exercising their freedom of speech by protesting around Capitol Hill. I was also able to go into the Senate gallery and watch Senators speak on the government shutdown. This allowed me to see how our nation leaders decide on issues that affect their constituents.

    All in all it was a trip that I would never want to take back. It’s my personal opinion to suggest that you attend next years Capitol Leadership, October 12th-15th, 2014.

    Joey Vanek

    State President

  • Partner with Oregon FCCLA

    This April, Oregon FCCLA & HOSA are partnering to present an exciting career and leadership development opportunity for students at the 2013 State Leadership Conference in Portland. Read more about partnering with Oregon FCCLA.

  • 2013 State Leadership Conference Packet

    Get ready for the 2013 State Leadership Conference in Portland, OR from April 18th to the 20th. Visit the SLC page for the latest conference documents. Also, don't forget to check out the 2013 SLC Promo Video.