State Officer Biographies

Raymond Seal
State President (Bio)
Makayla Gilbert
Vice President of Peer Education (Bio)
Allison Wheeler
Vice President of Development (Bio)
Makeba Lake
Vice President of Membership (Bio)
Natalie Williams
Vice President of Public Relations (Bio)

Raymond Seal, State President

Raymond Seal, a sophomore at Joseph High School, is serving as the 2014-2015 Oregon FCCLA State President. Raymond also serves as his chapter’s Director of Public Relations. Raymond has been a member of FCCLA for three years. Raymond has also competed in STAR Events for two years and qualified for the National Leadership Conference each year.

Outside of FCCLA, he is active in three different sports including football, wrestling, and track & field. In addition to sports Raymond has also participated in FFA, 4-H and the school pep-band. He is very active in his community, participating in many volunteer opportunities. For four years he has worked for the Education Foundation during the local rodeo.

After high school Raymond plans on attending Walla Walla Community College and then transferring to the Colorado School of Mines. Raymond hopes to obtain his Masters degree majoring in Metallurgical Engineering, and have a career as a supervisor of welding sites.

Raymond’s favorite leadership quote is, “I never thought in terms of being a leader. I thought very simply in terms of helping people.” John Hume. This is his favorite quote, because it shows that a leader doesn’t need to be great at talking and making people like them, they just need to have the motivation to help others. If people don’t help the ones in need, then who will? Throughout the year Raymond challenges members of Oregon FCCLA to go out of their way looking for opportunities to serve others.

Allison Wheeler, Vice President of Development

Allison Wheeler, a Roseburg native, is serving as the Oregon FCCLA Vice President of Development. Allison joined FCCLA this year and she believes it will provide a lot of extraordinary opportunities for her, and will be a great experience in leadership.

Even though this is her first year in FCCLA, she has already fallen in love with this amazing organization. Along with being a State Officer, Allison is the Vice President of Finance for the Roseburg FCCLA chapter. Allison also received a bronze medal in the National Programs in Action STAR Event. Her event took on the National Program STOP the Violence.

Allison is looking forward to her future career, as she is interested in the areas of architecture or hospitality and tourism.

Through her FCCLA experience, Allison has already made so many friends and gained so much knowledge, but most of all, she has made some unforgettable memories. There are numerous benefits and outstanding opportunities that members can receive when they join FCCLA. If you are not a member of FCCLA, Allison challenges you to ask yourself, why not?

Makeba Lake, Vice President of Membership

Makeba Lake is currently serving as the Oregon FCCLA Vice President of Membership. Makeba attends Hermiston High School where she is a junior. After graduating from high school she plans on attending Blue Mountain Community College for two years and then transferring to Eastern Oregon University or Oregon State University. Makeba plans on pursuing a degree in business, with a special focus on Hospitality and Customer Service.

Makeba has been a part of the Ultimate Leadership Experience for three years and she feels very blessed and thankful to be a part of this amazing organization. She continues to give back to her community in every way she possibly can, and with the help of FCCLA her dream has become a reality. She has received numerous awards for her great efforts in trying to help change the world and help create a better place for the youth of tomorrow. Makeba has received the Volunteer of the Month Award multiple times, the Soroptimist International Violet Richardson Woman of the Year Award, and the Hermiston High School Bulldog Way Award. Makeba credits her leadership successes to the opportunities she had as a member and officer of the FCCLA organization. With this organization she has gained public speaking skills, leadership skills, and communication skills. Makeba uses the skills she has learned to help reach out to the people that are unaware about the great benefits and opportunities of being a part of FCCLA. Makeba is prepared to continue to exceed expectations thanks to FCCLA and hopes others will join her along the way.

Natalie Williams, Vice President of Public Relations

Natalie Williams is a junior at Joseph Charter School and is currently serving as the Vice President of Public Relations for Oregon FCCLA. She has been involved in numerous fundraisers, activities, and projects in her local chapter for the past four years and will continue her progress throughout her years in high school and later on in her career. Competing at the state level, she has received gold and silver medals and qualified for Nationals two years in a row. Along with being involved in FCCLA, Natalie has been involved in Rainbow (IORG) which is a service organization for young women, Natural Helpers, a peer mentoring program in her school, Camp Counselor at Chief Joseph Summer Camp for three years, served as the Freshmen Class President, Sophomore Class Vice President, and is currently working as a waitress at a local cafe in the summer months.

Natalie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking, working, playing softball, volleyball, and basketball. After she graduates high school, she will plan on attending Oregon State University or the University of Arizona while studying in the medical field and pursuing her career goal of becoming a doctor. Natalie aspires to play volleyball or softball at the college level.

Natalie believes that FCCLA is one of the most important and useful organizations that has helped her in her life so far. She says that this organization has helped her with her speaking skills, learning how to not be afraid to stand up for what she thinks, and coming out of her bubble to make new friends and meet new people everywhere she goes.

Makayla Gilbert, Vice President of Peer Education

Makayla Gilbert, a sophomore at Roseburg High School, is serving as the 2014-2015 Vice President of Peer Education. This is Makayla’s first year in FCCLA and so far it has been full of amazing opportunities. Makayla joined FCCLA to help her community by stepping up to be a better leader.

At the 2013 Oregon Leadership Institute, she took part in the FCCLA Knowledge test and received a bronze medal. During the 2014 State Leadership Conference, she competed in the National Programs in Action STAR Event, receiving a bronze medal for her STOP the Violence project. Makayla is very excited for the upcoming year serving as a state officer and looks forward to the new opportunities she will have to broaden her skills as a leader.

After finishing high school Makayla plans to attend college, where she will major in optometry and hopes to one day become an optometrist.

Makayla has had an extraordinary time as an FCCLA member. The knowledge and experience she gains will help her later in life to succeed and accomplish her goals. FCCLA has taught her to keep family close, reach out and help others, stand up and be a leader, and never back down from new opportunities.