Fundraising Ideas

The Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) is right around the corner! This year OLI will be held in Bend, Oregon, November 1st through 3rd. This conference will be an unforgettable experience for all student leaders looking to broaden their leadership skills! Of course, raising money to attend can be difficult sometimes, so here are some creative ideas for your chapter to try.

  • Go around your neighborhood or ask family and friends for bottles and cans to recycle at local stores. This is an easy fundraiser where you don’t have to worry about asking people to buy anything or donate money.


  • Start a pajama or hat day at school! Have students pay a dollar and receive a sticker that allows them to wear their pajamas or favorite hat to school! Make sure to ask your school administrators for permission first.


  • Play an annoying song that no one likes to hear, for example “Friday,” over the intercom between classes. To turn the music off the student body must raise a certain amount of money or it will be played throughout the day.


  • Create October treat bags and have students purchase them for friends! You can create different bags with different prices based on what is inside them. Set up a table in your school cafeteria and give students a week to purchase the treat bags. At the end of the week, you can go around the school and hand out the secret treats. Make sure you set a good time to sell and distribute your bags with your school administrators.


  • Go around your neighborhood and ask if anyone needs yard work to be done. Not only will you be earning money, but helping people as well!



While Fundraising, make sure to tell the people what you are raising money for. By giving them a clear understanding, they are more likely to purchase or donate to your cause. Always ask permission first before selling anything or setting up events. Most importantly have fun and get excited for OLI! These fundraisers can be also used throughout the year to raise money for other chapter projects and trips.


Happy Fundraising!