Mission Addition

Agents of Oregon FCCLA we have a mission for you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to increase our association’s membership. This year the campaign is “Mission Addition”. The statewide goal is to increase membership by 10% to give us a total of 221 members. As incentive for chapters to increase members, the plan involves levels of rewards.

Level 1:  Any chapter that increases by at least one member compared to last year’s membership total will receive recognition at SLC.

Level 2:  Every chapter that increases by 12 or more members from last year’s total will receive one free SLC registration and recognition at SLC.

Level 3:  The final level of recognition will be for the chapter with the largest percentage of increase in members from last year. This chapter will receive a popsicle party at SLC, and recognition at SLC.

With all of these fun, and possibly challenging achievements, it might help to have some ideas for recruitment. A great way to start the year is to have a kick-off party and invite anybody and everybody to come. To help bring people to your event it is always a good idea have some food and fun activities. After having some fun, you can then share with them what FCCLA is, and all of the opportunities it has to offer. The more people know