The Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is one of the coolest CTSO's you can join, but many would ask "why?". Here are "The Five Best Reasons to Join FCCLA…


1. Memories

No FCCLA member will ever tell you that they regret joining this organization. Memories that are made are never forgotten and with this group of fantastic students plenty of memories will be made. Maybe a few that are stressed out about an upcoming event or project, but many more about great times spent with friends.


2. The Skits!

After attending SLC any member will see the meaning of this reason. FCCLA skits are cheesy, corny, and hilarious wrapped into a couple fun little sessions. The state officers always take pride in their skits each year and show no shame in their presentation.


3. Leadership Experience

On a more serious note, FCCLA can present you with experiences that you will carry with you for a lifetime. FCCLA offers many opportunities where you are put into situations that require teamwork and collaboration. By competing in STAR Events you will be improving your personal confidence and public speaking skills as well.


4. New Friendships

By being in FCCLA you will have the opportunity to interact and mingle with other students with interests similar to yours. If you attend SLC or NLC you get the chance to make friends throughout your state and even from across the country. Meeting new people will definitely be one of your favorite FCCLA experiences.


5. Benefiting Yourself as well as the Community

This organization gives student the opportunity to better themselves while helping out fellow community members. By doing multiple national programs and STAR event projects students can express their love for their communities while learning more about them.