On Monday, September 16th, State President, Joey Vanek, had the opportunity to travel to the Oregon Capitol in Salem and witness House Bill 2912 and Senate Bill 498 be officially signed. Joey was able to meet with the Governor, and supporters of the House Bill. Also attending were, FBLA’S Western Region Vice President, Parker Snook, and Erika Mclntrye, Skills USA State Officer.

While in Salem Joey was able to see parts of the beautiful Capitol, and learn more about the history of our amazing state! “Seeing Governor Kitzhaber officially sign the bill was the best moment of the trip,” said Vanek. The experience gave him a proud feeling to be a member of an Oregon CTSO. With the 8 million dollar funding, Joey knows CTSO’s will be able to grow, and make Oregon’s future economy brighter!

The passing of the bill came with a lot of work. “It was the members passion that showed our representatives why Career and Technical Organizations, such as FCCLA, are vital for Oregon’s future,” said Vanek.

Thank you members and advisers for your hard work to help make sure that Career and Technical Student Organizations are apart of Oregon’s future.